"Celebrate With The Country, Go With The Sea" Manual Newspaper Copying Activity
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In the east of the world, there is a great nation, hardworking and strong; in the east of the world, there is a continuous blood, strong and powerful! This is our motherland - China! October 2019 is the 70th anniversary of the birth of our great motherland. All oceanwide giants hold a "celebrate with the country, go with the sea" newspaper copying activity.

On the afternoon of October 17, all members of oceanwide Jutao held the activity of "celebrating with the country and traveling with the sea". Through the activities of making and appraising the newspaper by hand, the patriotic quality of the staff has been greatly improved, the interests and hobbies of the staff have been enriched, and everyone's work and life have been enriched.

After the Administration Department explained the production requirements and announced that everyone began to draw, we could feel that everyone was enthusiastic and focused on the production, sometimes thinking about the idea, sometimes looking at the material. One hour passed, and everyone finished their own manuscript within the time limit.

Looking at an ingenious work, the administration department was very surprised. It's hard to choose. After synthesizing the content, typesetting, font, illustration, color and other aspects, the whole staff evaluated 10 excellent works.
They are respectively:

Tao Ling's the great waves of the sea and the celebration of the country
President you's great China
My motherland and my home
Li Guimei's celebrating with the country and travelling with the sea
Cai Li's seventy years of magnificence, striving for a new era
The 70th anniversary of national day by Zhang Lan
Yue long happy National Day
National day by Zhang Wei
Gong Jie's blessing to the mother of the motherland
Li Xiaoping's patriotism, love home and love post

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